Active DropĀ topical pain cream was created by a pharmacist who trains in multiple sports, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, CrossFit, and Tough-mudder.

He was plagued with back injuries and discouraged by the over-the-counter products. Wanting to avoid doctors’ options of surgery and shots, he decide to develop his own formula.

What makes the product different is that it last for six hours when training, and up to 9 hours on normal use, giving long-lasting relief.

Active Drop topical pain cream consists of two primary ingredients: capsaicin and menthol.

How it works is that it’s heat-activated by your own sweat. Once your pores open, you get a rapid response to your body’s pain. The capsaicin heats up and binds with your body’s nerve endings, which sends signal to your brain to cease sending inflammation to the area. Then the heat allows the muscles in the affected area to loosen up, allowing optimal blood flow and circulation to that area. The menthol gives you a cooling sensation to ease pain.

These two compounds together allows your muscles, joints and tendons to heal naturally.

Remember, it only takes one drop to the affected area.